How to Teach Kids to Multiply

Many students struggle in memorizing the multiplication table. As a result, they find other related topics such as division, area, ratio, and fraction difficult as well. Needless to say, this may lead to even bigger problems such as frustration, lack of self-confidence, lack of motivation and even math anxiety. Mastering multiplication does not only empower your child in school tasks, this skill can also come handy in real life even when they grow old. Thus, learning multiplication is a long-term [...]

Kinetic Math Summer Remedial Program: A Better Way to Learn

Is your child exasperated over Math? Do you and your child battle over Math homework? Does your child get barely passing grade or failing grade in Math tests? Is your child struggling in Math?        Letting Math struggles go on too long without intervention could lead to life-long difficulties in school, on college entrance exams, and beyond. Without the needed remediation, gaps in Math will widen with each school year. Summer is a great time to provide your child with the [...]

Kinetic Math’s Math Wizards Summer Camp

Is your child math-ready for the BIG SCHOOL? Is your child’s mathematical ability at par with kids his age?        Below is a guide to some basic math milestones for children in their early years: 3 years old: Can identify basic shapes Can sort things by color, size or shape Understands the concept of size Knows the primary colors Can recite number words 1-10 Knows that when one item is taken away from a set of 2 items, one item is left Knows that when one item [...]

Kinetic Math’s Mental Math Masters Program

How many Php50 bills make Php3000? What is half of 890? What is the sum of 392 and 799?        Can your child answer these questions without using the calculator or paper and pen? In order to do so, one needs to know mental math strategies. Mental computation is a process that require the manipulation of numbers in one’s head.       In this modern world of tablets, laptops, and smartphones, it is still important to equip children with mental computation skills because these [...]

Kinetic Math’s Mastering Fractions Summer Program

       Children gain some basic understanding of fractions when children come to school. They understand the concept of half or equal sharing by counting one for you, one for you… Then, in the early grades, they get to learn formally what a fraction is and how one whole, one-half and one-fourth looks like.        However, when they get to the third and fourth grade, they are taught more complex concepts and skills about fractions. They go [...]

Kinetic Math’s Integers and Algebra Summer Course

Why do many high school students fail or get low grades in Math? Why do some students have difficulty answering entrance test questions in Math?        One of the many culprits for the abovementioned difficulties is the poor basic foundational knowledge and skills in algebra and integers. Understanding algebra and integers are necessary to solve equations.     Algebra is a branch of Mathematics that uses numbers and letters that represent numbers. Algebra strengthens logic skills and introduces abstract thinking. [...]

Kinetic Math’s Bar Model Method Training Camp

Did your child have difficulty in solving math word problems this school year or for the past school years? Did your child do well in other items of the Math test except for those that involve word problems? Is your child transferring to a school that has a Singapore Math curriculum? Do you want to prepare your child for more complex word problems next school year? Did your child get the correct computation but wrong bar models in the Math homework/quiz/ exam? Do you [...]


Does your child cringe when he/she is about to attend a Math class? Is he/she always worried about being called to recite Math class? Does your child fear Math test more than any other kind of test? Does he/she tend to zone out in Math class? Does he/she dread doing Math tasks? Does he/she worry about not being able to keep up with the rest of the class in Math?        If your child has this strong emotional reaction to Mathematics, he/she might [...]


       As mentioned in the previous blog on How to Help Your Children Succeed in Math, one way to help kids do well in Math is to provide them with additional drills at home. However, many parents do not have time to create worksheets. Thus, it is just awesome that there are many online resources providing worksheets (sometimes with answer keys) that can help children to achieve mastery in their Math lessons.        Below are just some [...]


       Many parents wonder how they can make their children do well in Math. Some parents would even confess that they themselves hate Math or they themselves struggled in Math during their student days. Here are some tips on how to bring out the math whiz in your children: Make your children see how fun MATH can be. Play enjoyable math games with your children. Some examples of games that you can use to teach Math to children [...]