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“I love Kinetic Math because the facilitators are always helpful. I really learned a lot. And I really like it. The place is colorful and fun. At the end they will always treat you to a game!”

Age: 8, School: ICA, Grade Level: 4

“I love Kinetic Math because the teachers help me to be better in Math. I like the way they teach the Math lessons. The teachers are very patient. They also use fun games in teaching the lessons.”

Age: 8, School: BSCS, Grade Level: 3

“Before I started Kinetic Math, my 3rd Quarter grade in Math in the report card was 77. Then, I started Kinetic Math. During the sessions, the teachers help us understand the lessons in class and teach us how to answer challenging questions. I started getting higher scores in quizzes. From 77 in 3rd quarter, my grade became 87 in 4th quarter. Thank you Kinetic Math.”

Grade: 4, School: Ateneo Grade School

“I love Kinetic Math because the teachers teach me lessons clearly and help me get a high score in my test and exam and also they let us play games after we learn and give us stickers if we did a good job.”

Veronica Louise
Age: 8 1/2, School: GCF-ICS, Grade Level: 4

“My grade before I joined Kinetic Math was 77. Then, I was able to raise it to 88 because of Kinetic Math. I am so happy that Kinetic Math can help me in Math.”

Name: Emman
Age: 11, School: Ateneo Grade School

“I love Kinetic Math because they help and teach me Math. I enjoy their games and lessons. I am learning drawing model here. Math is fun! Learning Math is what I want.”

Age: 8, School: ICA, Grade Level: 3

“I love Kinetic Math because the things I do here are fun and everything I learn here are so much fun.”

Age: 5, School: ICA, Grade Level: 1

“I love Kinetic Math because it helps me improve my math skills. We also play Math games that help me understand difficult math lessons.”

Age:11 ,School: Ateneo Grade School ,Grade Level: 6

“Because of Kinetic Math, I got higher grades in Math. I also enjoy their Math games.”

11 yrs old, Ateneo Grade School, Grade 6

“My grade was 79 (2nd Quarter) before I started Kinetic Math. When I attended Kinetic Math sessions, I was able to raise my grade to 86 by third quarter and to 92 by fourth quarter. Kinetic Math helped me do hard things in Math. Kinetic Math is the best!”

Age: 11, School: Ateneo Grade School

“I love Kinetic Math because they teach me Math better than my old tutor (even in my present). Thank you Kinetic Math teachers. I understand Math clearly now. I love Kinetic Math forever.”

Age: 7, School: MGC, Grade Level: 2

“I love Kinetic Math because before when Ice did not tell me about this place, my Math was not good. So now when the Kinetic Math teachers taught me how to do my Math, my math become good. Thank you Kinetic Math.”

Age: 10, School: ICA, Grade Level: 4

“I love Kinetic Math because it is nice in here and I like the teachers in here and I learn here.”

Age: 7,School: St. Joseph, Grade Level: 2

“I love Kinetic Math because I want to be one Astronaut and an Astronaut will need Math of course. Math is the “job helper” every time that you have one job it will always need Math.”

Age: 10, School: Meridian, Grade Level: 4

“I love Kinetic Math because Math is fun. I love math. I can play after.”

Age: 5, School: ICA, Grade Level: K

“In Kinetic Math, you can make new friends and improve in Math.”

Age: 10, School: Wordlab

“I love Kinetic Math because it is fun in Kinetic Math. I also learn math a lot. We are playing when we are done.”

Juanita Pauline Agatha
Age: 8, School: Holy Spirit, Grade Level: 3

“I love Kinetic Math because I can learn fun things in Math and you can play games after you learn.”

Sky Phoenix
Age: 7, School: ICA, Grade Level: 2

“I love Kinetic Math because we learn a lot and we get to meet new people and after we do a lot of papers and activities we are able to play and talk.”

Age: 10, School: XS, Grade Level: 6

“I love Kinetic Math because it’s fun and the teachers there really get to teach me math and some of my friends are also studying here.”

Age: 8, School: ICA, Grade Level: 4

“I love Kinetic Math because it helps me pass the quizzes. Kinetic Math helps me get a good grade in the report card. It made me an honor student!”

11 years old, Grade Level: 6, School: Ateneo Grade School

“I love Kinetic Math. When I was not yet studying in Kinetic Math, my grade was 77. Then, when I attended Kinetic Math sessions, I learned more about Math and started to love Math. I ended up with a 91 in my card, a 14-point increase!”

10 years old, Grade Level: 5, School: Ateneo Grade School

What parents say about us:

“I stumbled on Kinetic Math and found the teacher knowledgeable, enthusiastic, devoted. She is both professional and nurturing. I can find none better to fill in the gaps in my son’s mathematics instruction. My son thinks so too.”

Mommy Monica, Mother of Pio:

“My husband and I are very grateful to Kinetic Math for bringing out the best in Lucas. After a few sessions, he excelled in Math. His attitude towards learning improved and no longer feared challenge in confronting word problems. We can attest to the effectivity of Kinetic Math as we were surprised with how quick the results were.”

Mommy Ria, Mother of Lucas, Ateneo Grade School

“The Kinetic Math teachers are very kind and gentle to us. The Kinetic Math program was indeed helpful to my child. I saw how Clarence’s grade improve especially in the fourth quarter. I believe that the Kinetic Math program will continue to improve my child’s math ability.”

Mother of Clarence, Ateneo Grade School

“Kinetic Math has helped my son to excel more in his class especially on word problems. He used to complain that solving word problems was very hard at times and could not draw the correct bar model and could not decipher if it is a two-step or a three-step word problem. After 2 or 3 sessions with Teacher Maricel, he can easily answer worksheets in Math when he is given such in school. If asked if I will continue taking lessons at Kinetic Math, my answer is a big YES.”

Mommy Len
Mommy of Tristan, 8 years old, Ateneo Grade School student

“Ethan hated Math. Prior to enrolling him to Kinetic Math, each study time in Math was a pain. We would end up fighting over an ideally 5-10 minute homework. The teachers in Kinetic Math incorporated in teaching Ethan the Singapore Math concepts. I am very thankful that they are very patient with Ethan. Today, Ethan enjoys Math and can answer worksheets on his own. He has improved significantly over the 1 year that he was with Kinetic Math.”

Mommy Karen
Mommy of Ethan, 6 years old, Xavier School student

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